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NHLBI Proteomics Administrative and Coordination Center

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The ultimate vision for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Proteomics Centers is to help better understand heart, lung, and blood disease biology. Hence, the goal of the NHLBI Proteomics Centers contract program is to promote the application of proteomic technologies to gain a greater understanding of physiologic pathways for defined clinical questions. The Program supports the development of new tools and a knowledgebase to facilitate translation of innovative proteomic approaches to clinical utility. The new tools will be used to gain a greater understanding of physiological pathways, molecular interactions, and regulatory signals related to heart, lung, blood diseases and disorders. The transdisciplinary expertise of each Center encompasses three components to make an interactive team and includes proteomic technology development, molecular mechanistic and functional studies as well as application of proteomic approaches and technologies to clinical questions. Importantly, many of the Centers will leverage existing NIH resources and programs. The Centers will not only help fill existing knowledge gaps but will also contribute to the integration and creation of a knowledgebase linking changes in proteomes with molecular phenotypes of disease. Tools developed through the Proteomics Program will be made available to the larger community to further advance heart, lung, and blood research.

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Investigator's corner is a place for questions relating to the field of proteomics to be answered by our panel of experts. Every month, we will have a different expert answering your questions.

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